About Bill Strong Denver

Hi All!

Bill Strong here.  I thought I’d post a little more about me.  I’m a native Denver, born and raised here in beautiful Denver Colorado.   I sure feel old when I discuss where I was born, old St. Luke’s hospital, which was torn down years ago in the area where St. Joe’s is.   I grew up in Denver’s Park Hill area and went to Denver Public Schools.  I enjoyed the diversity of Park Hill and would still love to live there, but found the home prices restricting.

I have fond memories of Denver when I was young.  It had a small town feel but offered many of the experiences one can find in a large city.  How many of you remember things like Bears Stadium?  I remember warm summer nights watching the bears, eating hotdogs and rooting for the home team.  The Broncos were and AFL team back then, playing in a baseball stadium and getting pounded endlessly by the dreaded raiders (I won’t capitalize their name…grrrr).  Any true native of Denver hates the raiders.  I remember the Broncos struggling so much that my father had a bumper-sticker on his car that said “GO BRONCOS-TAKE STATE!!!   Fond memories.  You’d have to have lived here to know what it was like in the mid-70’s when they started getting competitive.  The great ORANGE CRUSH defense and all that.  The city was truly in love with that team.  They went to their first SuperBowl during my senior year in High School.  What a great time that was…even in loss they did our city proud.

For some reason a few other memories stand out from my childhood…that big clock that was on the building as you drove down into downtown from 17th street.  The lights that changed colors on top of the building in the middle of downtown.  The old Elitch Gardens…where you could actually take a picnic into (my mom would always bring fried chicken)…and it was literally a beautiful place to run around in, with flowers everywhere.  I can’t seem to enjoy the parking lot that the new Elitch’s is…but this points out my age.

I remember skiing at Loveland for 6 bucks, and Winter Park for $12.  Those times are gone for sure.

I also used to think I new how to get around Denver’s traffic…all my old short-cuts are long gone.

Now Denver is a true big city.  You’d have had to grow up here to really understand the community that Denver used to be.  I still love it here very much.

That’s a little about Bill Strong.  Denver Colorado is my home and I’m proud of it. I hope my blog offers a small piece of Denver as well as some suggestions on how it can be loved and enjoyed.

Bill Strong