Quick Restaurant Review for Thai food in Denver Colorad

Hi All,


I just got back from a river trip down Westwater Canyon (read more about it here, and go here to see my YouTube of Westwater!) where our group had a debate about the best Thai restaurant in the Denver area.  Many of us agree that Jay’s Noodles (my favoriate, so I’ll list it first) was the best, with Thai Monkey Club getting many votes.  Here’s a link to a best in Denver by Westword.

If you go to Jay’s try their pork crisp egg rolls and then green curry with chicken!  Yum yum and HOT.  Their Pad Thai is also great!


Thai Monkey had Drunken Noodles to die for!  Here is their menu!

A friend just emailed me after reading this and said Thai Flavor is great.

Now I’m hungry!!!

Bill Strong on All Things Denver!!!

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