Emmanuel Sanders comment about the Patriots not being punished enough…

Hi All,

Bill Strong of Denver here!  Well Emmanuel Sanders had to open his mouth about the Patriots and deflategate.  He actually says the Patriots shouldn’t be champs?  What an idiot.

Here’s a quick take from this life long Bronco Fan:

Shut up Emmanuel!  At this point let’s leave this issue between the Patriots and their fans, as well as the league office.  All of us need to move on from this issue.  And before Sanders opens his mouth about the Patriots winning the Super Bowl and them being undeserving, he might want to look at the Bronco’s history.  This is now at least his 3rd stupid comment as a Bronco.  I don’t know what he was like when he was a Steeler, but in this fan’s opinion he needs to just keep his mouth shut and focus on his game.

Did the deflated balls help Brady on the field? It’s likely but  I’ll leave that debate to others.  Seems like the Patriots won the Super Bowl with properly inflated balls.

How about the Broncos Super Bowl wins?  Where they circumvented the salary cap during both  years so they had more room to sign better players?  Think that helped them on the field?  I’d say so.   It helped them both years during the regular season, during the playoffs and in both Super Bowl wins.

So shut up Sanders!  It’s not like the Broncos has a clean history themselves.  How about if Sanders just focuses on his own team?  In doing so maybe they can avoid loosing at home again in the playoffs.

Go Broncos!

Bill Strong of Denver

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