Another Quicky Restaurant Review for Denver

Hi All,

Well this is an oldie but goodie!  The Cherry Cricket has been around for a LONG time.  Those of us who grew up in Denver will remember “The Cricket”, is what what old timers call the “Cherry Creek Cricket” because there was a “Cricket on the Hill” in Capitol Hill.  I remember going to the Cricket back before it became trendy.  It was simply a bar that severed burgers.  The bar was in the middle of the room, with an old black/sparkle popcorn ceiling and a pool table in the back room.

At that time the place was usually fairly empty, with a blue collar feel.  Around 5:00 the crew from the Sears car shop would arrive for their after work drinks/burgers.  Remember getting your tires rotated etc. at the Sears car shop???

Now it’s a whole different vibe.  Great burgers, hot green chili and trendy in a way you’d have never imagined “back in the day”.

Get there early, that place fills up!

Summer is finally here!!!

Bill Strong blogging about All Things Denver

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