The Best Team Won! Hats Off to the Indianapolis Colts!!!

Well once again here in Denver we were beaten by a better team, at home in the first round of the playoffs!  Boy was I wrong about how this game would go.  The Broncos looked tight and over-matched, out coached, and Manning is showing to be close to a needed retirement.

It was a fun and interesting year, but the Colts did Denver fans a favor by beating the Broncos.  There is absolutely no way the  Denver Broncos were going to give the Patriots a game next weekend at Gillette Stadium.

Andrew Luck is the read deal and Peyton Manning how now lost 9 first round playoff games, which is a record.  Although it’s been a fun 3 years, I’m thinking it might be time for Manning to hang up his cleats.  He was truly awful against the Colts and unless there’s some injury to blame, it’s likely we are seeing his game deteriorating to the point where it’s time to retire.

So, the playoffs continue! I can’t imagine the Colts beating the Patriots, who are the class of the AFC.  Unlike Manning, Tom Brady is playing passionately effectively.  The game should be a good one.  I’d say the Pats will win by at least 10 point on their way to the Super Bowl.

The Cowboy/Packer game was a good one.  I think the call at the end where Bryant’s catch was nullified was a joke.  The Seahawks will likely beat the Packers, so we will see the Patriots against the Seahawks.  That will be a good one.  I’m sure the Patriots will put up a better fight than the Broncos did last year, but most any team would.

Congrats go to the Colts.  The best team won!


Bill Strong of Denver

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