Go Broncos Playoff Game Prediction from Bill Strong of Denver

Hi Bronco Fans,

Yes it’s that time of year again!  For those of us who grew up in Denver at a time when the Broncos were always at the bottom of the division (with the hated Raiders consistently at the top!), winning the division is always a special event!!!  

My how times have changed.  With the Broncos winning their division for the 4th straight year it’s easy to be spoiled.  Being that I still have the “Division Champions” t-shirt I bought my senior year at East High School during the 1977-1978 football season (yes that was their first Super Bowl run) I still think the Broncos winning their division is a big deal.  Of course it’s also strong therapy to see the Raiders again at the bottom!!!  😉

Of course our standards are higher now and it’s Super Bowl or bust!  This weeks game against the Colts should be a good one.  Yes I’m a homer, but I do see a Bronco victory this Sunday.  I think the Broncos will take and early lead and will be able to hang on to a 7-10 point victory due to a strong running game and improved defense.  So let’s get ready to root for the home team as we show the Colts and the nation what it means to be a Mile High!

Side notes:  The weather is calling for a nice day in the mid 40’s which is a plus!  Or team greatly benefited from having a week off with Ward, Franklin and others getting the rest they needed.  

So here it is:

Broncos 38

Colts 27

Go Broncos, on to the Razor. 

Other predictions:

The Panthers will lose a close one to the Seahawks.   This one will be closer than many anticipate. 

The Cowboys will lose big to the Pack. 

And as much as I’d like to say otherwise, the Patriots will win easily over the Ravens.  There will be no repeat of last year’s upset of the Patriots.  

Bill Strong of Denver

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