Quick Restaurant Review for Thai food in Denver Colorad

Hi All,


I just got back from a river trip down Westwater Canyon (read more about it here, and go here to see my YouTube of Westwater!) where our group had a debate about the best Thai restaurant in the Denver area.  Many of us agree that Jay’s Noodles (my favoriate, so I’ll list it first) was the best, with Thai Monkey Club getting many votes.  Here’s a link to a best in Denver by Westword.

If you go to Jay’s try their pork crisp egg rolls and then green curry with chicken!  Yum yum and HOT.  Their Pad Thai is also great!


Thai Monkey had Drunken Noodles to die for!  Here is their menu!

A friend just emailed me after reading this and said Thai Flavor is great.

Now I’m hungry!!!

Bill Strong on All Things Denver!!!

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Emmanuel Sanders comment about the Patriots not being punished enough…

Hi All,

Bill Strong of Denver here!  Well Emmanuel Sanders had to open his mouth about the Patriots and deflategate.  He actually says the Patriots shouldn’t be champs?  What an idiot.

Here’s a quick take from this life long Bronco Fan:

Shut up Emmanuel!  At this point let’s leave this issue between the Patriots and their fans, as well as the league office.  All of us need to move on from this issue.  And before Sanders opens his mouth about the Patriots winning the Super Bowl and them being undeserving, he might want to look at the Bronco’s history.  This is now at least his 3rd stupid comment as a Bronco.  I don’t know what he was like when he was a Steeler, but in this fan’s opinion he needs to just keep his mouth shut and focus on his game.

Did the deflated balls help Brady on the field? It’s likely but  I’ll leave that debate to others.  Seems like the Patriots won the Super Bowl with properly inflated balls.

How about the Broncos Super Bowl wins?  Where they circumvented the salary cap during both  years so they had more room to sign better players?  Think that helped them on the field?  I’d say so.   It helped them both years during the regular season, during the playoffs and in both Super Bowl wins.

So shut up Sanders!  It’s not like the Broncos has a clean history themselves.  How about if Sanders just focuses on his own team?  In doing so maybe they can avoid loosing at home again in the playoffs.

Go Broncos!

Bill Strong of Denver

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Another Quicky Restaurant Review for Denver

Hi All,

Well this is an oldie but goodie!  The Cherry Cricket has been around for a LONG time.  Those of us who grew up in Denver will remember “The Cricket”, is what what old timers call the “Cherry Creek Cricket” because there was a “Cricket on the Hill” in Capitol Hill.  I remember going to the Cricket back before it became trendy.  It was simply a bar that severed burgers.  The bar was in the middle of the room, with an old black/sparkle popcorn ceiling and a pool table in the back room.

At that time the place was usually fairly empty, with a blue collar feel.  Around 5:00 the crew from the Sears car shop would arrive for their after work drinks/burgers.  Remember getting your tires rotated etc. at the Sears car shop???

Now it’s a whole different vibe.  Great burgers, hot green chili and trendy in a way you’d have never imagined “back in the day”.

Get there early, that place fills up!

Summer is finally here!!!

Bill Strong blogging about All Things Denver

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Great Exhibit in Denver!

Hi Denver,

Bill Strong here. Just a quick recommendation to check out the 1968 Exhibit at the  Colorado History Museum!

Image result for colorado

History Colorado

We have a friend who through a bit party there on Saturday night (I didn’t know you could book an event there, it was great!!!).   The first hour of the event gave us time to see the 1968 Exhibit.  For someone my age it was a blast from the past.  See everything from the Purple Jacket worn by Jimi Hendrix to Vietnam Exhibits, memorabilia form 1968 to specific experiances to what life in Colorado was like in the late 60’s.

It was great and I highly recommend it!!!

Bill Strong of Denver

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It’s Been Awhile…since we’ve talked Broncos!!!

Hi all,

Bill Strong from Denver here. Ok so here’s the quick scoop from a born and raised Bronco Fan!!!  I grew up in the Park Hill area of Denver and went to East High School in Denver.  My senior year at East High was the Broncos first Super Bowl, the loss (ugly) to the Cowboys.  So I bleed orange and blue…and here are some quick thoughts:

The Broncos just didn’t have much cash to sign big names free-agents this off season.  That and the fact that they lost several very good players (don’t let the door hit you on the backside Julius Thomas!!!! Hope they don’t ask you to block down Florida way), leave the Broncos a lesser team than in recent years past.  Manning is one year older after a very unremarkable if not terrible final 1/4 of last season, so we aren’t expecting great things from him.  Let’s hope he can come back stronger than he left last year but I’m very skeptical.  I still wonder, if he was hurt they why start him against the Raiders at the end of the season, and leave him in during a blow-out?  Part of me wanted him to retire so we can move forward.  Having said that, Manning is still probably better than 2/3’s of the other NFL QB’s so what the heck let’s see what happens.

The upside for this coming year is that John Fox is gone, as is Jack Del Rio…not going to miss these guys at all.  Let’s hope Kube’s can get some of that old Mile High Magic back!!!

My gut is the try chance to win the Super Bowl went away with the playoff loss to the Ravens.  That was our best chance and I don’t see this year being a jump back up to that level of football.  The Broncos have some significant holes, particularly on the O-line.  I’m a bit shocked that we didn’t work harder over the past 3 years to have a better line for Manning.  There is no way we can win with a sub-par center (I was hope we’d sign the center Hudson from KC who ended up with the Raiders).

So…here is my pre-draft AFC forecast:

The Patriots are the toast of the AFC and will likely represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, with a great shot at repeating.

The Colts are the second best team in the AFC.  Their signings this off season were STRONG!

The Broncos are in the 3rd tier, and will have to play solid football to win their division.  I guess we will have our fingers crossed that Manning can let his last season be one of his best.  Indeed there is hope, but the Manning of last year will not get it done.  I look for the Chargers to be improved with a strong push to win the division.  The Chiefs will be about the same (I just don’t buy into their QB situation) and the Raiders can’t be much worse and will likely be improved.  I could see any of our division rivals splitting with us or beating twice, except for the Raiders who I doubt could beat us at Mile High.

Have fun this summer!

Bill Strong of Denver

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The Best Team Won! Hats Off to the Indianapolis Colts!!!

Well once again here in Denver we were beaten by a better team, at home in the first round of the playoffs!  Boy was I wrong about how this game would go.  The Broncos looked tight and over-matched, out coached, and Manning is showing to be close to a needed retirement.

It was a fun and interesting year, but the Colts did Denver fans a favor by beating the Broncos.  There is absolutely no way the  Denver Broncos were going to give the Patriots a game next weekend at Gillette Stadium.

Andrew Luck is the read deal and Peyton Manning how now lost 9 first round playoff games, which is a record.  Although it’s been a fun 3 years, I’m thinking it might be time for Manning to hang up his cleats.  He was truly awful against the Colts and unless there’s some injury to blame, it’s likely we are seeing his game deteriorating to the point where it’s time to retire.

So, the playoffs continue! I can’t imagine the Colts beating the Patriots, who are the class of the AFC.  Unlike Manning, Tom Brady is playing passionately effectively.  The game should be a good one.  I’d say the Pats will win by at least 10 point on their way to the Super Bowl.

The Cowboy/Packer game was a good one.  I think the call at the end where Bryant’s catch was nullified was a joke.  The Seahawks will likely beat the Packers, so we will see the Patriots against the Seahawks.  That will be a good one.  I’m sure the Patriots will put up a better fight than the Broncos did last year, but most any team would.

Congrats go to the Colts.  The best team won!


Bill Strong of Denver

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Go Broncos Playoff Game Prediction from Bill Strong of Denver

Hi Bronco Fans,

Yes it’s that time of year again!  For those of us who grew up in Denver at a time when the Broncos were always at the bottom of the division (with the hated Raiders consistently at the top!), winning the division is always a special event!!!  

My how times have changed.  With the Broncos winning their division for the 4th straight year it’s easy to be spoiled.  Being that I still have the “Division Champions” t-shirt I bought my senior year at East High School during the 1977-1978 football season (yes that was their first Super Bowl run) I still think the Broncos winning their division is a big deal.  Of course it’s also strong therapy to see the Raiders again at the bottom!!!  😉

Of course our standards are higher now and it’s Super Bowl or bust!  This weeks game against the Colts should be a good one.  Yes I’m a homer, but I do see a Bronco victory this Sunday.  I think the Broncos will take and early lead and will be able to hang on to a 7-10 point victory due to a strong running game and improved defense.  So let’s get ready to root for the home team as we show the Colts and the nation what it means to be a Mile High!

Side notes:  The weather is calling for a nice day in the mid 40’s which is a plus!  Or team greatly benefited from having a week off with Ward, Franklin and others getting the rest they needed.  

So here it is:

Broncos 38

Colts 27

Go Broncos, on to the Razor. 

Other predictions:

The Panthers will lose a close one to the Seahawks.   This one will be closer than many anticipate. 

The Cowboys will lose big to the Pack. 

And as much as I’d like to say otherwise, the Patriots will win easily over the Ravens.  There will be no repeat of last year’s upset of the Patriots.  

Bill Strong of Denver

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Another Denver Restaurant Review

Hi Denver,

Bill Strong here. My wife and I have been enjoying some dinners and a few lunches at Tzatzikis Mediterranean Cafe on Hampden and I-25.

We’ve been there about 5 times so far and haven’t had a bad meal yet.  I lean towards the grilled lamb greek salad, or the lamb gyros.  My wife loves the grilled beef gyros and agrees that the salads are superb!  We haven’t taken the kiddos there yet but plan to soon.  I’ve also been meeting friends and colleges there for lunch and no one has had a bad meal.

Enjoy Denver!

Bill Strong

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A Quick Restaurant Review

Hey there folks, Bill Strong of Denver here,

My wonderful wife and I have a long running debate about the best Thai Restaurant in Denver.  I go with Jay’s Noodles, but we have a new one in the mix.

We went to Thai Street last night and LOVED IT!!!  I had the Thai Egg Rolls and the Pad-Thai and my wife had the Crab and Cheese Wontons and the Drunken Noodles.  Both of us really enjoyed our meal and would suggest it.  I’ll be going back to try their Green Curry (which is who I judge a Thai Restaurant) and will post soon.

This was another successful Date Night where we again enjoyed the diverse restaurant choices that Denver Colorado has to offer.

Have fun and eat well Denver!

Bill Strong


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It’s Springtime in Denver Folks!!!

Let’s enjoy springtime with some suggestions of the best outdoor seating at restaurants!  Feel free to email me your suggestions to bstrong303@outlook.com.

For me you can’t go wrong with the Pearl Street Grill.  The Platte River Inn is my next choice…and I’ll add the Tug Boat in Steamboat Springs (I know that’s not in Denver, but the Tug is great!).

I’m giving some old school suggestions so let’s hear it from those of you who get out more than we do.  Best outdoor seating is where???

Bill Strong of Denver

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